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Bolshoe Stupino

Identity and website

Residential complex comfort-class had a nominal name: «Bolshoe Stupino» In connection with the construction in Stupino city. Two of three houses of the complex were already built, but the project did not have a marketing concept.

Main Task:

To create an effective marketing presentation of the residential complex comfort-class «Bolshoe Stupino». To play the name of the residential complex, make it memorable and recognizable.


As a basis for the corporate style, three elements were taken:

  • The falcon is the symbol of Stupino;
  • Flagpole, as an element of falconry;
  • Image of buildings as a symbol of a residential complex.
Interactive form of apartment choise

Interactive map of the project allows you to consider the location of houses and the layout of each apartment in any of the houses of the village.

Interactive map of real estate for business

Interactive map of the village allows you to choose and consider the plans of commercial real estate.

Structured submission of information

Teaser blocks do not take up much space on the main page and allow you to go to the page with the full text of the material.


The site can be viewed on any device with any extension of the screen, without loss of image quality and readability.

Brand book:

We developed a brand book for correct introduction of corporate style and enhancing the recognition of the object.

Outdoor advertising:

Outdoor advertising and printed products in accordance with brand book - the implementation of a holistic marketing program.


Letter form, corporate and personal business cards, envelope - the design of all documentation corresponds to the corporate style of the residential complex.